vCenter Heartbeat saga continued

It’s almost christmas and yet I am still in a tough fight getting vCenter Heartbeat running on my current project. The latest hurdle is with the installation itself. For some strange reason, the install just hangs and will not proceed to completion. No errors are being thrown. It’s just stucked in this state.


Observing the system, it looks like vCenter Heartbeat installed fine. It’s just the Packet Filter that is missing. In vCenter Heartbeat, a packet filter driver is installed which controls who owns the heartbeat public IP address. It basically blocks the passive node effectively hiding it from the network through the configured Public IP.

Listing down a few of the troubleshooting steps to attempt to resolve this issue:

– Disabled UAC
– Ensure to use Run As Administrator when doing the install
– Tried both domain admin and local admin account
– Reinstalled a few times using different sets of installer

I finally decided to ring our good old reliable GSS team as I don’t want this to affect my project timeline. After an hour and a half of peeking through log files and server settings, we came to a conclusion that there is no issue with Heartbeat and its either Windows or another software installed on the server.  A few isolation methods and we found the culprit. Somehow the Antivirus software (Mcafee) is preventing successful installation. Disabling the Mcafee services during installation did the trick.

And so goes my Heartbeat adventure. I was able to complete both primary and secondary node and have successfully initiated failover and failback tests. Happy customer means a happy consultant 🙂


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