Thoughts on vCenter Server Remediation for Heartbleed bug – vCenter Server with Heartbeat

KB 2076692  documents the vCenter Server upgrade and remediation to address the Heartbleed vulnerability. VMware released 2 updates in vCenter 5.5 which are 5.5.0c (for those in 5.5 GA or pre U1) and 5.5 U1a (for those in 5.5U1). If you read the KB article carefully, updating to those versions is just the first step, you still need to re-issue the certificate for the VMware Directory Service, and change the password for the Administrator@vsphere.local account. Quoting the KB:

“After the vCenter Server environment is upgraded, the Single Sign-On component requires the SSL certificate for the VMware Directory Service to be re-issued and the administrator@vsphere.local password to be changed. Any other vsphere.local users that have been defined will also require their passwords to be changed.

Failure to carry out these actions continues to expose the system to compromise from the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability.”

The steps for re-issuing the certificate is also documented in KB 2076692

So how do we perform this if vCenter Heartbeat is protecting your vCenter Server? In my past articles regarding vCenter Server upgrade, I documented the steps from KB 207181, the steps which i called a re-clone method. I believe that using this method is the easiest way to upgrade your vCenter Server and remediate for the heartbleed bug.

You just have to add the remediation steps for Heartbleed (re-issue the certificate and update the administrator@vsphere.local password) after Step 6 under Upgrading the Primary Node of KB 207181. Just make sure you are using the vCenter Server’s public FQDN and IP address when generating a new certificate.


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