Invalid Configuration for device ‘0’ Error Message

First time I’ve encountered this issue in my environment after a DRS initiated vMotion of a VM. I’ve noticed that the VM’s network card is disconnected and whenever I tried to connect it, the Invalid Configuration for device ‘0’  error pops up. From the looks of it, vMotion had a bandwidth issue but it did migrate successfully after another attempt.


This exact issue is documented in KB 2014469 and although vSphere 5.5 is not in the product list, I gave it a try to see if it will resolve this issue.

I did Option 1 of the KB article which is to move the VM into a different and unused dVPort. From the screenshot below, my VM Win2K8R2 is using port 104 of distributed switch vDS-DMZ.


To change this, edit the VM setting and highlight the network adapter. Under network connection, click Switch to advanced settings. In the Port ID box, change the Port to a new unused port. In the screenshot below, I changed the port from 104 to 105


Click OK then go back to Edit Settings and connect the NIC card. This resolved my issue and the VM is back into the network.newCapture6


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