Removing Unwanted Plugins in vSphere

I always use my lab to prepare for projects and to learn different VMware products. Of course I don’t have the privilege of keeping all products running due to limited amount of compute resources . As time goes, I have to remove some of the appliances like VDP, vSphere Replication and vShield Manager.

Now that I am introducing NSX into my lab, I have noticed that logging into the Web Client now becomes painfully slow. It now takes about 3 to 4 minutes before I can get into the Web GUI. Once inside, everything is normal. Since NSX can only be configured in the Web client, I need to get this issue resolved.

Searching for similar issues in the web, I saw this one which is the closest to what I’m experiencing. I remember that I have lots of plugins that I no longer use: VDP, vSphere Replication Management and vShield Manager. To remove those plugins, I used this KB article.

Below, I captured the screenshots when I removed my VDP 5.1 plugin.

Login to http://<vcenter_name_or_IP>/mob and click content


Click ExtensionManager


Select and copy the extension that you are removing. In my case I’m removing the VDP 5.1 extension which is com.vmware.vdp


Click UnregisterExtension


Paste the name of the plugin and click Invoke Method to remove the plugin


You should get the Method Invocation Result: void message which tells you that the plugin has been removed.


I did the same procedure for my vSphere Replication Management (com.vmware.vcHms) and vShield Manager (com.vmware.vShieldManager) plugins and tested login again. And what have you, my web client login is back to normal.


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